Ready to take your business to the next level?

Drive traffic, generate quality leads, and grow your business exponentially with our results-driven digital marketing solutions

Ready to Take Your Business
to the Next Level?

Drive traffic, generate quality leads, and grow your business
exponentially with our results-driven digital marketing solutions

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do

Why Choose Us

Results-Driven Approach

We focus on delivering measurable results for our clients. We use data-driven strategies and continuously monitor and optimize campaigns to ensure maximum return on investment.

Expert Team

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced digital marketing professionals who are passionate about helping businesses succeed. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices to provide you with innovative and effective solutions.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that every business is unique and has different needs. That's why we provide customized digital marketing solutions tailored to your specific goals, budget, and target audience.

Transparent Communication

We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients based on trust and transparency. We keep you informed every step of the way and provide regular reports to show you the progress and performance of your campaigns.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our services without compromising on quality. Our goal is to provide affordable and effective digital marketing solutions to help businesses of all sizes succeed online.

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What we do

Search Engine Optimization

We optimize your website to rank higher on search engines and drive organic traffic to your site.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

We create and manage targeted campaigns to drive traffic, leads, and sales to your website.

Social Media Marketing

We manage your social media presence to increase brand awareness, engagement, and conversions.

Content Marketing

We create and distribute high-quality, relevant, and valuable content to attract and retain your target audience.

Website Design and Development

We design and develop custom websites that are user-friendly, mobile-responsive, and optimized for conversions.

Email Marketing

We create and execute effective email marketing campaigns to nurture leads, retain customers, and drive sales.

Online Reputation Management

We monitor and manage your online reputation to ensure that your brand is perceived positively and accurately.

Analytics and Reporting

We provide regular reports and analyses to measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions to optimize performance.

What our clients say about us

“Before DentistFind we hire several internet companies but we were only booking a couple of new patients from online (a month). Since we started with DentistFind, our patient booking has gone up than 4 folds and now the majority of our patients are from online marketing.”

Dr. Amelia Chan

Downtown Dentistry

“When we started World Dental we hired 5-6 marketing companies. We tried everything but the only marketing that worked was from Sharky ad his team. Now we only use this services. We are opening our second office and already put the whole marketing budget with Dentistfind. We are confident in their success.”

Dr. Mandana Many

World Dental

Is your website failing to generate leads or sales?

We can help you transform your website into a powerful tool that attracts and converts visitors into customers.

Delivering results

As a digital marketing company in Toronto, our approach to delivering results is centred on developing and implementing customized digital marketing strategies that align with our clients' business objectives and target audience. We utilize a range of techniques to drive website traffic, engage with target audiences, and improve overall online presence. By leveraging these tactics and continuously analyzing performance data, we aim to provide you with measurable and sustainable results that contribute to your long-term success.

Revolutionizing digital marketing in Toronto

jingCo was founded in 2006 with a vision to transform Toronto's digital marketing landscape and provide businesses with unparalleled online success. Through their innovative strategies and exceptional customer service, jingCo quickly gained a reputation as a leading digital marketing company. With services ranging from SEO and PPC advertising to social media marketing and analytics, jingCo's capabilities grew to meet the evolving needs of their clients. Today, jingCo is trusted by businesses of all sizes to deliver game-changing strategies that drive online success, with a team of seasoned professionals who share the founders' passion for digital marketing. Experience the jingCo difference and revolutionize your digital marketing strategy today.

Meet jingCo CEO and Author - Sharky Liu

Sharky Liu is the driving force behind jingCo, bringing a decade-plus of experience and expertise to the digital marketing landscape. With a deep passion for helping businesses succeed online, Sharky has been instrumental in growing jingCo into one of the leading digital marketing companies in Toronto. As an industry thought leader, Sharky is known for his innovative strategies and forward-thinking approach to digital marketing.

In addition to his role at jingCo, Sharky is a seasoned digital marketer and a sought-after speaker in the dental industry. He has helped countless businesses achieve success through his innovative marketing strategies and has trained hundreds of dental professionals through his dental marketing courses. With a reputation for being at the forefront of the latest trends and technologies in digital marketing, Sharky is committed to helping businesses stay ahead of the curve and achieve exceptional results online.

Under Sharky's leadership, jingCo continues to push boundaries, drive innovation, and deliver outstanding results for our clients. His unwavering dedication to excellence and passion for digital marketing sets the standard for our team and inspires us to constantly strive for success. Get to know more about Sharky Liu and his vision for jingCo by exploring his websites and following his digital marketing insights on our blog.

We can help you transform your website into a powerful tool that attracts and converts visitors into customers.

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